Threatening Girivalam (Going round the rock temple) at Thalaimalai
From time immemorial devotees undertook Azhagukuthuthal (a pointed wire or small hooks pierced into one's tongue, lip or inserted on the skin of one's back), Thee Mithithal (Fire walking), Carrying Agni chatti (a clay pot with burning charcoal in it), head shaving (tonsure) as acts of discharging a vow. Every year in the Tamil month of Puratasi people risk their lives and go round the Permal temple and fulfill their prayers.

Thalaimalai is located near Neeliyampatti Village in Anjalam Panchayat, T.Pett in Musiri Taluk, Trichy District. It is in the border of Trichy district and beginning of Namakkal district. You can see up to the chest of Lord Permal lying in supine. Atop of the hill the temple of Lord Nellendra Perumal is situated. This hill is also known as Siragiri – siram means head and giri means hill – i.e. Thalaimalai.

In Ramayana – the chapter on Yuddha Kanda, Indrajit, son of Ravana and the chief of army of demons showered deadly weapons (the Brahmastra.) to kill his enemies - Rama, Lakhmana and vanaras and they were unconscious. Jambavan sent Hanuman to fetch the Sanjivi, a powerful life-restoring herb to revive the unconscious. Unable to find the specific herb before nightfall, Hanuman brought the entire mountain Dronagiri which was full of medicinal plants, to the battle field, thus helping find the herb and even with the approach of the Sanjivi hill, (fragrance of the herbs) Rama and Lakshmana and the Vanaras felt the darts slip off their bodies. Their wounds healed. Jambavan told Hanuman to replace the Sanjivi Hill but Hanuman was tired to go back to the spot and he tied the hill in his tail and threw it with full vigour. The top portion of the hill fell and that place came to be known as Thalaimalai.

This hill is filled with lots of herbal plants and rare trees. In the Nallendra Perumal Sannidhi around 4,500 ft depth from temple top, devotees walk around on a 3 inches path and go about 60 ft lengthy road to the temple front. People strongly believe that going round this rock temple would give them successful marriage, wealth, child birth etc. There is a water spring created by Lord Rama in order to quench the thirst of Seeta Devi. One can find shrines of Lord Nallendra Perumal, Venkatachalapathy, Alamelu Mangai Thayaar, Goddess Mahalaxmi, Sri Devi, Boo Devi, Lord Anjaneya, Garudazhvar, Karupanna Swami. If one takes a holy dip in the Kannimar Sunai and pray to Lord Nallendra Perumal, they would be void of the bad effects of Lord Saneeswar. This temple though build during the reign of Nayagas, it stands testimony to time.

One has to pass through thorny path to have dharsan of Perumal. There is no doubt, that if basic amenities such as proper road, electricity, medical aid and police security for devotees are provided, the Thalaimalai temple would be considered as Boologa Vaigundam. Some devotees have dharsan of Perumal on every Saturday. At hill foot, shrines of Sri Lakshmi Narayana, Boomi Neeladevi and Anjaneya are situated. The temple hierarchical treasurers – Nandha Gopan, Sadagopan and Renganayaki are taking care of the temple. On Saturdays of Tamil month Puratasi, people visit this temple in large number.

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