Other Temples :

At the right side of Nallendra Perumal Thirukoil, Alamelu Mangai Thayar shirne is situated. Arulmighu Lord Krishna Thirukoil, Arulmighu Varaprasathi Anjaneya shrine and next to this, near Kannimar Sunai (spring) Arulmighu Karuppannasami Thirukoil and Arulmighu Vinayaga Thirukoil are situated.

Kannimar Sunai (spring) :

Even if drought prevails the surroundings of Thalaimalai, Kannimar sunai never goes dry. It is believed that if one prays in all these temples, all their sufferings would cease.

Prayer to Children :
Couples who do not have children could pray to Arulmighu Perumal and their prayers would be answered. Ladies cut a piece of cloth from their pallu of their saree and hang a cradle to have a child. When their prayer is fulfilled, as thanks giving, they offer food to God and light lamps. The light from the lamps would be seen around 20 km radius and the devotees offer prayers.

Vanabathrakali Thirukoil :

This temple is in the opposite side of west of the other temples. The surrounding forests are guarded by Goddess Kali in standing posture in the open air. This is considered as a wonder.

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